Crescent Residence P1

An extensive interior renovation to the third floor of a heritage house in Rosedale was designed as a children's area to accommodate 2 bedrooms, a shared bathroom, laundry, a kitchenette, recreation room/study and mezzanine play area. By re-engineering the space to conceal much of the structure, the complexity of the existing roof lines were expressed on the interior, adding a dynamic abstraction to the spatial experience. Materials of oak, concrete, quartz and porcelain tile were selected based on their durability, longevity and natural colour tones, highlighted in opposition to the white walls. The few furniture elements were selected for their comfort and design in brightly coloured fabrics to bring vibrancy to an otherwise elegant children's zone. 

Project Team
Kelly Buffey, Robert Kastelic, Artur Kobylanski

Eisner Murray

Shai Gil